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June 2019

Increased Uncertainty of Data Laws Takes a Toll on U.S. Businesses

New Report Identifies Seven Costs Incurred by U.S. Companies Due to Growing Patchwork Of Data Regulation

March 2019

Data Catalyst Institute and India-based think Tank, ICRIER, Partner on March 25th Data Regulation Conference

Following the release of India’s draft Personal Data Protection Bill, there has been extensive deliberations on the numerous aspects of...

January 2019

It’s Past Time For A National Data Privacy Law

It’s been nearly twenty years since the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommended that Congress adopt legislation to ensure adequate protection of consumer...

January 2019

Is 2019 the year we stand up for protecting our privacy? Apple CEO Tim Cook says it’s time

“You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.” That’s what Scott McNealy, who was Sun Microsystems CEO then, stunningly proclaimed...

January 2019

Microsoft bats for cross-border data flow, says international law needed

Tech giant Microsoft Thursday batted for cross-border data flows but asserted that the same needs to be protected through suitable...

January 2019

New York, Los Angeles, Other Major Cities Are New Privacy Cops

Major U.S. cities are becoming hotbeds for privacy enforcement. Los Angeles’ recent lawsuit against IBM Corp. and its Weather Channel...

January 2019

Is it time for a federal data protection agency?

State and federal lawmakers have pushed for privacy laws after myriad online breaches and scandals. Now, saying the United States...

January 2019

Battle lines forming ahead of a looming US privacy law fight

Consumer advocates and the data-hungry technology industry are drawing early battle lines in advance of an expected fight this year...

January 2019

Survey: Few Americans Willing to Pay for Privacy

Only one in four Americans want online services such as Facebook and Google to collect less of their data if...