April 29, 2024

DCI Launches Interactive Game to Help Policymakers Understand Tough Choices Small Sellers Face

By Data Catalyst Institute

WASHINGTON, DC (April 30, 2024) – With government-led lawsuits and proposed legislation poised to dramatically impact small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) nationwide, the Data Catalyst Institute (DCI) today released SUPER SELLING!, an interactive educational game that puts policy and business leaders in the shoes of SMB owners. 

The game showcases the challenges and decisions small business owners must make every day to survive, grow, and thrive. Players choose their favorite SMB character and navigate a world of dilemmas, including where to market and sell their products, how to deal with workforce and logistical challenges, and how to manage the unexpected. Accompanying the game is a DCI report containing a collection of case studies that highlight real-world “super selling” stories from diverse SMB owners across the country. 

SMBs play a key role in the US economy, with over 33 million SMBs employing 61.7 million Americans–yet many lawmakers and much of the public remain unaware of the daily risks, dilemmas, and trade-offs involved in running a small business. 

“Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and economy, so it’s incredibly important to understand the many high-stakes challenges SMB owners face every day,” said Dr. Mark Drapeau, Editor In Chief of DCI. “I hope that by playing SUPER SELLING!, lawmakers, in particular, will better appreciate the tough choices facing SMB owners, as well as the critical role technology and digital tools and platforms play in small business success.”

DCI developed the game using data, stories, and expertise from thousands of SMBs over the last four years. The game is DCI’s fourth iteration of their “Super Selling” franchise, created in partnership with the Connected Commerce Council. Virginia-based small business Sway Creative Labs provided design and development support for the project.

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