Understanding Individual U.S. Political Donations by Employer

Individual retail employees' political donations often favor specific parties. The 2020 election cycle saw an influx of donations, swinging some companies' partisan leanings.

By Elise Buellesbach

Coinbase Study: Young Americans Embrace Crypto as a Financial Opportunity

GenZ and Millenials are more favorable towards crypto than older counterparts. They believe crypto is the future and blockchain technology will provide significant economic opportunities.

By Matias Hernandez

New Research Shows AI Tools Are Nearly Ubiquitous Among E-Commerce Professionals

Businesses have already started to experiment with and implement new AI technologies. The idea of AI integration for business is no longer a looming possibility–it is a reality.

By Matias Hernandez

Goldman Sachs: 70% of SMBs Applying for Loans Say It’s Difficult to Access Capital

Goldman Sachs reports that small business owners nationwide still struggle to gain the capital they need to operate and expand their businesses in a post-COVID market. In an environment of higher interest rates and tighter lending standards, SMBs applying for new loans find it difficult to access capital.

By Lilly Gillespie

Discover, Buy, and Sell Fine Art: Q&A with Artsy’s VP of Collector Sales, Jessica Backus

Check out how Artsy - an online marketplace where people can buy and sell art - has taken an age-old practice to e-commerce in our Q&A with their VP of Collector Sales, Jessica Backus.

By Data Catalyst Institute

A Digital Safety Net “Catches” Maui-based Small Businesses Affected by Wildfires

Maui-based small businesses take digital tools to communicate with their customers, continue making sales, and rally support for their community in the wake of tragic wildfires.

By Hitha Herzog

Small Business Can Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence To Compete With Larger Corporations (Part II)

The advent of artificial intelligence is here, and small businesses stand poised to take advantage of this modern technological revolution. 

By Shannen Patel

Small Business Can Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence To Compete With Larger Corporations (Part I)

Today, it is impossible to see exactly where the new age of AI technology may lead. Still, it is important to note this technology's potential for small business owners.

By Shannen Patel

This E-Commerce Marketplace is Led By Women Entrepreneurs, For Women Entrepreneurs: Q&A with WMarketplace’s Co-Founder and CEO, Kate Isler

During Women’s History Month, we hosted a Q&A with Kate Isler, Co-Founder & CEO of WMarketplace, to learn more about WMarketplace and Isler’s work.

By Data Catalyst Institute