Ending Fee Caps on Delivery Apps Would Help Small NYC Restaurants

Persisting COVID-era price controls on restaurant food delivery app companies will only end up harming restaurants and consumers.

By Mark Drapeau

Sky High: New eVTOL Partnership Between Archer Aviation and United Airlines Takes Flight, Revolutionizing Urban Air Mobility

A new partnership promises technical advances in urban air mobility, bringing futuristic solutions to traffic congestion and long commute times.

By Kalea Texeira

Q&A: How Trust & Will CEO Cody Barbo is Helping the 70% of Americans Without Wills Access Estate Planning

Most Americans don't have wills. Trust & Will is a tech-forward company closing that gap with seamless, digital estate planning solutions.

By Data Catalyst Institute

FUZZY LOGIC: What the National Institutes of Health Can Learn from the 3 Body Problem

Challenge competitions are an efficient funding model to incentivize innovation, speeding up the rate of problem-solving, leveraging compelling rewards, and expending finite resources.

By Ezra Butler

AI Is In Vogue: Luxury Fashion Consumers Excited by Possibilities for Artificial Intelligence

Luxury brands lead the charge using AI to personalize the customer journey, helping designers increase sales and deliver unique experiences quickly.

By Lilly Gillespie

Only 31% of Chief Information Officers at large companies lead AI initiatives. Why is that?

Large businesses are highly motivated to invest in AI. Yet, there is no consensus on who should lead the charge.

By Emma O'Rourke

New Research: U.S. Voters Fear the National Security Consequences of Heightened Big Tech Regulation

Regulating U.S. tech companies is a low priority issue for voters who fear excessive regulation could negatively impact national security.

By Kyler Rowzee

Living in an AI Age: Younger U.S. Small Business Leaders More Likely to Already be Using AI Tools

There is a linear correlation between SMB leader age and AI adoption. Younger SMB leaders are more likely to already be using AI tools for business.

By Lilly Gillespie

Shaping the Future of Personal Finance: How the U.S. Can Learn From the UK’s Open Banking Experience

American consumers could benefit greatly from the country's upcoming open banking regulation, provided regulators learn from the UK’s open banking experience.

By Dan Morgan