About DCI

An Organization Dedicated To Understanding The Data-Driven World

The Data Catalyst Institute (DCI) is a research organization focused on informing and improving global public policy and thoughtful discourse within our data-driven economy. DCI provides governments, academics, and industry partners with the latest market intelligence, expert working groups, regulatory analyses, and original research.

Companies of all sizes and from every industry, hundreds of millions of consumers increasingly dependent on a digital world, and policymakers in emerging and established markets grappling with crucial policy questions will share the future they build today. To realize the potential societal and economic benefit of a data-driven world, DCI supports policymaker understanding at all levels of government.

Data is powering a global industrial revolution and should be understood, promoted, and respected to ensure the benefits are realized – for everyone.

Dr. Mark Drapeau serves as Editor In Chief of the Data Catalyst Institute, a research organization working to inform and shape policies that provide meaningful business and consumer protection while promoting economic and social good. He is also Partner and Chief Research Officer at the RXN Group.

Dr. Drapeau is a science and technology leader with over 20 years’ experience working across the academic, government, and private sectors. Much of his career has focused on connecting technology trends, innovative thinking, and foresight research with senior decision makers inside the government, major corporations, and nonprofit organizations. Prior to serving as the Director of Innovative Engagement at Microsoft with a focus on technological innovation in the public and nonprofit sectors, he was a AAAS Science & Technology Fellow at the Department of Defense’s Center for Technology and National Security Policy at the National Defense University, where among other work he co-edited the book Bio-Inspired Innovation and National Security (2010).

Prior to moving to Washington, DC, Dr. Drapeau was an academic scientist with a focus on genetics, evolution, and complex behavior in animals. His peer-reviewed research has been published in journals including Nature, Genome Research, EvolutionGenetics, and the Journal of Neurobiology. He has a B.S. in Biology from the University of Rochester and a Ph.D. from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California – Irvine, and was an NIH-funded Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Center for Developmental Genetics at New York University.

Shannen Patel is a Managing Editor at the Data Catalyst Institute. She is also a Managing Editor at the RXN Group. She has previously conducted academic and private sector research on topics including regional conflict resolution and peace-building efforts in South Asia, U.S. security policy, and sustainability. Most recently, she assisted with public affairs campaigns and research efforts in the private sector to aid advocacy efforts in Washington DC. Patel has a BA in International Relations with a Concentration in Security Policy from The George Washington University.

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