April 04, 2023

DCI Editor-In-Chief Mark Drapeau Cites Latest Research in InsideSources 

By Data Catalyst Institute

Washington, DC (April 4, 2023): Today, InsideSources published an opinion piece from Dr. Mark Drapeau titled “Digital Ads Work Brilliantly for Small Businesses – Why Are Lawmakers Attacking Them?” Drapeau is DCI’s Editor In Chief.

In the piece, Drapeau discusses DCI’s latest major research report, which explores the extraordinary value of digital advertising for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). “New research recently published by the Data Catalyst Institute finds that small businesses’ digital ads reach more potential customers and drive more revenue than traditional advertising on TV, radio, and billboards,” Drapeau wrote in his opinion piece, adding “Nearly 80% of small businesses credit digital ads for helping them compete against larger companies.”

In light of the benefits small advertisers and publishers receive from digital platforms, Drapeau questions why policymakers would want to pass new laws and regulations that would make digital advertising harder for small businesses. The piece also mentions another DCI report by Professor John T. Scott, an economist at Dartmouth College, which estimated the impact of legislation targeting large online platforms on small and medium-sized retail businesses. Scott’s research estimated that legislation targeting “Big Tech” digital platforms could cost small businesses $500 billion in sales over five years.

To read the full piece, click here.

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