October 04, 2023

New Research Shows AI Tools Are Nearly Ubiquitous Among E-Commerce Professionals

By Matias Hernandez

Last month’s unprecedented closed-door meeting between U.S. Senate leadership and the country’s top tech leaders puts conversations about AI at the forefront of business and policy. As legislators develop regulations, businesses and individuals are already leveraging, learning about, or adapting to this new technology.

New research from media company Future Commerce demonstrates that AI tools are already quite popular amongst e-commerce professionals across various company types and sizes (DTC, B2B, Wholesale, Saas, and Agency Operators). GenAI tools are not only nearly ubiquitous; business leaders are already seeing benefits and are scaling their budgets for AI tools. Put frankly, in the e-commerce space, the AI revolution is not just coming–it’s already here. 

E-commerce professionals are eager to use AI, and in turn, businesses are beginning to invest and adapt. According to the Future Commerce survey, 91% of e-commerce professionals have used GenAI tools to assist with work-related tasks. While only a third reported their businesses had clear guidelines for AI usage, 2-in-3 professionals say they have sought approval to leverage AI in day-to-day tasks. 65% of businesses expect their GenAI budgets to increase within the next six months.

(Adapted from Future Commerce)

Ultimately, the guiding force behind AI adoption is businesses’ desire to increase productivity. Leveraging GenAI is seen as a way to increase efficiency and reduce busywork – a benefit e-commerce pros call “critical.” 3-in-5 reported a measurable increase in productivity from AI solutions, and 64% of DTC leaders agree AI will elevate customer experiences and create a competitive advantage. Respondents expect further integration of AI to support content creation, omni-channel marketing, and customer interactions.

Businesses have already started to experiment with and implement new AI technologies. The idea of AI integration for business is no longer a looming possibility–it is a reality. If you’re an e-commerce professional, now is the time to act and begin investing and experimenting with these GenAI tools – if you aren’t already.

Matias Hernandez is a Research Intern at the Data Catalyst Institute.

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