May 01, 2024

DCI Editor In Chief Mark Drapeau Speaks About AI for Small Business at US Chamber of Commerce

By Data Catalyst Institute

Washington, DC (May 1, 2024): Dr. Mark Drapeau spoke on an expert panel, AI 101 for Small Business: What You Really Need to Know, at the United States Chamber of Commerce’s (USCC) Small Business Day event, kicking off National Small Business Month.

On the panel, Drapeau discussed recent research by DCI in support of a report published by the Connected Commerce Council (3C). The panel explored the opportunities AI tools bring small and medium-sized business (SMB) leaders and how SMB leaders can leverage the emerging technology. “Although AI tools are still new, our research finds 64% of SMBs use them or plan to soon,” Drapeau explained, adding, “SMB leaders consider AI to be another tool to assist with overarching business goals, such as: saving time and money, helping growth, and boosting efficiency.”

The event was part of a larger push by the USCC to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with actionable tips for accelerating growth and scaling their operations. As DCI has previously reported, despite the excitement around AI’s potential, there are disparities in who has already taken advantage of the time and money savings the tech provides. Educational opportunities like the ones provided by the USCC are critical for equipping SMBs with the knowledge they need to succeed in an intelligently driven world.

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