August 17, 2023

New Research: 96% of Small App Publishers Earn Revenue Directly from Apps

By Data Catalyst Institute

Washington, DC (August 17, 2023): A new Data Catalyst Institute research report quantifies the value that apps and app stores provide small app publishers (SAPs).

Key findings of the report include:

  • 96% of SAPs earn revenue directly via apps, and of those that do, 92% pay fees to app stores based on that revenue.
  • 93% of SAPs with apps on both Google and Apple stores – the two most popular – say that the stores provide value equal to or greater than the investment their business makes in it.
  • SAP leaders estimate that apps and app stores are responsible for an average of 47% of their total business growth over the last two years, and 86% of SAP leaders report they plan to invest even more in their apps next year.

Read the full report here.
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