June 03, 2024

DCI Editor In Chief Mark Drapeau Interviewed About SUPER SELLING! Game on KCRG-TV9 in Iowa

By Data Catalyst Institute

Iowa City, IA (June 3, 2024): KCRG-TV9 interviewed DCI Editor In Chief Mark Drapeau today about DCI’s SUPER SELLING! game that puts players in the shoes of small business (SMB) owners, and the Iowa City small business that helped inspire it, Logic Products.

DCI Editor In Chief Mark Drapeau.

Drapeau and Joel Roodman, Managing Partner of Logic Products, appeared in the segment and shared how SUPER SELLING! teaches players about the choices SMBs make and the obstacles they face.

Logic Products Managing Partner Joel Roodman

Stories from SMB owners like Roodman give the game its authenticity. Roodman explains, “The opportunity to participate [in the game] allowed us to share our experiences, some of which we learned just by mistakes and trial and error.” Iowa City KYOU-TV News also covered the game.

DCI developed SUPER SELLING! using data, stories, and expertise from thousands of SMBs over the last four years. The game is DCI’s fourth iteration of the “Super Selling” franchise, created in partnership with the Connected Commerce Council. Virginia-based small business Sway Creative Labs provided design and development support for the project. Read the DCI report, SUPER SELLING: High Stakes, Smart Bets, and the Path to Small Business Success, to find out more about Joel and the Logic Products story.

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