August 15, 2022

DCI Editor In Chief Publishes Letter Urging Congress to Reconsider Proposed Antitrust Legislation, Citing New Research

By Data Catalyst Institute

Washington, DC (August 15, 2022): DCI Editor In Chief Mark Drapeau recently published a letter urging Congress to reconsider proposed antitrust legislation (specifically, AICOA) in The Citizen – Tech plan would hurt small businesses – citing findings from recent DCI reports and white papers.

In the letter, Drapeau cites findings from Professor Cameron Miller (Whitman School of Business, Syracuse University) and Professor Richard Wang’s (Babson College) recent white paper, as well as Professor John T. Scott’s (Dartmouth College) recent technical report. “A report from Syracuse University Professor Cameron Miller finds the bill would have significant consequences for small businesses,” writes Drapeau, “and a companion paper from Dartmouth economist John Scott estimates that American small businesses would lose $500 billion in sales in the first five years after the law went into effect.”

Drapeau also touches on the legislation’s potential impact on rural small businesses using findings from DCI’s recent research report, Super Selling. “Using digital services, distant markets, which were formerly only reachable through wholesale and exports, now make up a significant portion of revenue for rural small businesses in New York, with rural business owners reporting 44% percent of their sales going to customers outside of their immediate geographic area,” he wrote. 

“Policymakers should take note and ensure regulating tech doesn’t threaten access to digital services and reduce revenue streams for local small businesses,” he concludes.

To read the letter, click here.

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