July 04, 2024

SMB Pulse: What’s On The Grill for Small Business Owners this Fourth of July?

By Lilly Gillespie

Last week, the Data Catalyst Institute launched its inaugural DCI SMB Pulse with our proprietary small business retailer panel. We asked small business owners across the country about their opinions of business challenges, current events, and, of course, Fourth of July feasts.

While we won’t make sweeping conclusions about the entire SMB community, barbecue is the leading contender for Fourth of July gatherings among our panel. Three in ten say they will be serving up barbecue at their cookouts, followed by 23% of SMBs who will be eating hamburgers.

A number of small business owners haven’t decided what to eat yet, while some explain that they won’t be limited to one option, instead eating “whatever I can.” High prices and the summer heat were also top of mind, with one SMB owner saying her family “will be skipping a special July 4th meal in unity with the Americans who can’t afford today’s high food prices.” Another SMB owner guarantees, “There will be ice cream just because it’s going to be hot!”

Small business owners were surveyed for the DCI SMB Pulse from June 25 – July 1, 2024.

Lilly Gillespie is a Senior Research Analyst at the RXN Group.

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