Happy Data Privacy Day! Today is the 12th year that the world in some fashion has recognized January  28th as a day to bring awareness to data privacy issues.

Data Catalyst exists to change how the world talks and thinks about data use, innovation and policy. Today we’ve taken a few steps to accelerate that change.

1. New Homepage

We’ve taken our first step to position the Data Catalyst site as an active knowledge center for the data management landscape.

2. Privacy Day Predictions & Trends

Thanks to several of our advisory board members for participating in this article. We are pushing this out in social and to our partners today.

3. NEW REPORT: CLOUD Act & Data Localization

We released a new research report from Shelli Gimelstein, who provides a fresh legal perspective on how the US CLOUD Act interacts with various data localization policies.

More to come and thank you for support along this journey.

All the Best,

Peter Cherukuri
Managing Director
Data Catalyst Institute