Geoff Hollingworth

CMO, MobiledgeX

Geoff Hollingworth is the Chief Marketing Officer of MobiledgeX, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary focused on edge computing.

Previously he was global head of digital marketing for Ericsson Business Area Digital Services which included their cloud and datacenter infrastructure business. We launched the world’s first hyperscale, disaggregated system and led the market in the modernization of telecom infrastructure.

Geoff has been an active thought leader in the space of mobile, broadband and cloud for over 10 years, speaking at public events and publishing papers. It has always been clear that the future will be data dependent and the management of that data will become increasingly important to companies, countries and total society.

Geoff has been involved in telecom and mobile for over 25 years, from software development to network deployment to running business development, consulting to leading marketing for Ericsson North America

Geoff also served as Chairman of the Board for the Application Developers Association.