An Organization Dedicated To Understanding The Data-Driven World


Data Catalyst is a non-profit organization working to inform and shape data privacy policies that provide both meaningful protection and promote economic and social good. Catalyst works with governments, academics, and industry partners to realize the benefits of a data-driven world made possible by a more integrated regulatory approach. To support that integrated approach, Catalyst provides policymakers with empirical analysis, topical research, and most importantly, access to the small businesses directly affected by their policies.

Data is powering a global industrial revolution and should be understood, promoted, and respected to ensure the benefits are realized – for everyone.

Companies of all sizes and from every industry, hundreds of millions of consumers increasingly dependent on a digital world, and policymakers in emerging and established markets grappling with crucial policy questions will share the future they build today. To realize the potential societal and economic benefit of a data-driven world, Catalyst supports policymaker understanding at all levels of government primarily, but not exclusively, throughout the Americas. Catalyst’s programs and products are led by an Advisory Council of renowned experts and stakeholders.

Data Catalyst appreciates the support and contributions of the following organizations, institutions, and companies: 

Google  |  Guardtime  |  MobiledgeX  |  Legitifi  |  Illinois Institute of Technology  |  Facebook  |  Connected Commerce Council  |  Universidad Católica de Chile